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Sal is a Full Stack Developer with 11 + years of experience working for both large and small firms. He has extensive experience in the online marketing industry, SEO and SMO campaigns, website and CMS development.

Sal is extremely proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Shopify Liquid Code, Php and Bootstrap. Some of his previous clients include: Canadian Tire, BioPed Footcare, Wolverine World Wide Canada, Capital One, Sobeys, Lone Wolf and HESL By National Health Services, UK.

  • First Website Designed in 2006
  • Total Websites Completed: 496
  • Residence Canada
  • e-mail
  • Phone +1 (289) 383-3916

Early Life

Just like any successful business person, my journey also involves an immense amount of struggle. I started my career as a freelance developer at the age of 14 and initially tried to get a grip over web development basics which included html, css and javascript. The very first websites I developed included my father’s business website & SKG Web TV (community based organization). While working for SKG WEB TV in 2006 - 2007, I got the opportunity to be the first website developer in Pakistan to broadcast live community events online; which was acknowledged by a lot of community based organizations including Hadi Forum, Green Youth Foundation and Aashiqaan-e-Abbas.


Social Work

In 2009-10, Pakistan got hit by a series of floods and earthquakes. There was no way for local NGOs to accept donations from overseas digitally. I was privileged to set up to provide a platform to local organizations like Pak Night Clinic to accept donations and aid digitally.

In 2012, I was recognized as the “Best Web Designer” by Association of Webmasters For Social Development for creating digital solutions for NGOs in Pakistan.

Higher Studies

In 2012, I moved to London, U.K. for higher education and got enrolled into Kingston University. My journey as a student was extremely tough as I tried to balance between studies and work to make ends meet. There were times when I had no money to pay rent for accommodation and had to sleep on roadside benches for days. While sleeping on the bench, I came across a drunkard who actually told me that nothing worse can happen to someone than sleeping on the road. This changed my entire perception and the way I used to look at life. From then onwards, I started to value life and its blessings even more.

Made in Kingston

Many times I had no tuition fees. Fortunately, my course leader, Dimitris Tsaptsinos always supported me by asking for extensions from the university management so that I could take exams and attend lectures.

Despite all these difficulties, I kept striving and working hard to explore my talent and hone my skills. Pursuing my passion for the digital world, I learnt new development languages and techniques. This enhanced my horizons and enabled me to get reputable clients like NHS funded Community Education Provider Network, Prince Visa Services, Well Warm Insulations, Meridian Marketing Group and more.


Television Anchor

In 2015, I did industrial placement with Saviour Foundation. The organization was trying to launch a TV channel and had a community centre under its management. I was then elected as the general secretary of the community centre and they provided me an opportunity to conduct my own talk show on political affairs and how the I.T. sector can be improved in the country. This program was aired on national television once a week by the name “TABSARA”.


Evolution of Pinease

In 2016, I moved to Canada with my family. Since then, it has truly proved to be a land of opportunities. In just 2 months I got a contract through The Creative Group. I did not know that this contract would then open new avenues for me. My first account manager was Shikha Lachmandas, who introduced me to several clients, so much so that I had to register an incorporation (Pinease Technologies INC).

I have had an excellent experience with everyone I worked with at TCG and truly value the guidance and support I received from them. Certain names worth mentioning include Pina Nicoli, who has been a true mentor to me; Stephanie Williams, Michale Hacon, Krystal Simas. Without them, my journey would not have been so fruitful and rewarding.

I used this entity, Pinease Technologies to take contractual work. Today, it has grown to become a digital agency and has a decent clientele.

I have been privileged to work with companies like Wolverine Worldwide, Canadian Tire, Lone Wolf, Sobeys, BioPed Footcare, Zook, Crossroads Refrigeration, BTI and many more.


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Happy Clients


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