Sal Merchant

United Nations Goal 11: Sustainability

Helping students making the world a better place

Thank you for agreeing to help our students by providing them with feedback on their Commercial Awareness assessment. As mentioned previously, the module they are participating in is called Professional Environments 1 and over the last five weeks they were tasked with developing an idea for a product or service which addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities.

All sessions will take place via MS Teams - please join the main meeting room at 9.30am using this link: Click here to join the meeting

How will it work?

You will be in PANEL 9 on Thursday 24th Feb 15:00 to 17:50 (London time)

We will start with introductions and a short briefing, you will then visit the groups you are reviewing (details below) and listen to their presentations followed by Q&A, feedback and marking.

Each student group will be assessed by a panel of two – yourself and an academic colleague.

For the last five weeks, each group has been meeting in their own MS Teams Group Meeting Room. Prior to their assigned assessment time, they will meet up in that room and prepare for the presentation. Each group has been allocated a 25-minute slot, they have been asked to prepare a 10 to 12 minute presentation and provide you an opportunity of at least eight minutes to ask them questions.

Students will then depart and there will be only five minutes before the next group presentation. In that time, we ask you to complete the online assessment form; the link to the online assessment form can be found here - I have included a PDF version for you to look through, please can I ask you to familiarise yourself with the questions.